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What is Georgia Enterprises?

Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services is a specific type of purchasing program called a State Use Program. Established by the Georgia Legislature in 1993 through O.C.G.A. #50-5-135, its design is to expand employment opportunities of citizens with disabilities. The purpose of the program is to encourage and assist individuals with severe disabilities in achieving maximum personal independence through productive and gainful employment by assuring and expanding a constant market for their products and services.

The idea is simple: state and local government agencies purchase products and services they already need, at a fair price, from Georgia-based community organizations employing people with disabilities.

State Use revenues are used to provide on-the-job training, employment opportunities, and wages to disabled citizens so they can achieve maximum independence.

It is about turning disabilities into possibilities.

Georgia Enterprises Mission Statement

To afford Georgians with disabilities the opportunity to perform aptly in doing meaningful work and to gain the self-respect, self-confidence, and a sense of purpose that productive employment can bring, while providing quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Georgia Enterprises Partners

For a list of Georgia Enterprises Partners, click here.

Georgia Enterprises Staff

Charles Hall CEO 1-800-387-1236 chall@asginfo.net
Gene Ballard Accounting 1-800-387-1236 gballard@asginfo.net
Dolores Thomason Accounting 1-800-387-1236 dthomason@asginfo.net
Shawn Pursley State Use Program Director 1-678-571-6612 spursley@georgiaenterprises.com
Teresa Beck Customer Service 1-800-387-1236 c_s@georgiaenterprises.com
Stephanie Boyd Customer Service 1-800-387-1236 c_s@georgiaenterprises.com

Amy Steele

Customer Service 1-800-387-1236



State Use Council Mission Statement

To support and encourage state and local agencies to purchase products and services from qualified non-profit organizations, which serve the vocational needs of Georgians with disabilities.

State Use Council Members

Charles F. Smith, Chair *
Representing the Business Community

Dorothy Cochran, Vice Chair *
Persons with Disabilities

Commissioner Shawn Ryan
Department of Administrative Services
Darryl Mitchell, DOAS Representative

Commissioner Robyn Crittenden
Department of Human Services
William T. Prescott, DHS Representative

Commissioner Gregory C. Dozier
Department of Corrections
Charles H. Smith, DOC Representative

Commissioner Judy Fitzgerald
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
Allen Morgan, DBHDD Representative

Commissioner Christopher Nunn
Department of Community Affairs
Michael Rodgers, DCA Representative

Rhona Abeles *
Representing the Business Community

Reid Laurens *
the Business Community

Marty Owens *
Organizations Who Represent Persons with Disabilities

Christopher Valley *
Representing Persons with Disabilities

*Denotes appointment by Governor