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In 1993, the State of Georgia made a significant commitment to provide meaningful employment opportunities for Georgians with disabilities. The State Use Program, has a statewide contract with the Department of Administrative Services to provide certain products and services to state agencies which have been produced or supplied by Georgians with disabilities. Georgia's State Use Law was established to offer quality services and products used by state and local governments, and improve the quality of life for Georgia's citizens with disabilities.

Please note:  All of the products on our website are mandatory per state Mandatory Purchasing Guidelines and the State Use Law.  If you are ordering any of these items from a source other than Georgia Enterprises (such as a convenience contract) then you are not in compliance with those guidelines.  

Many don’t realize that when you buy these items from GEPS that you are not simply purchasing a product…but that you are providing employment for Georgians with disabilities. When you purchase GEPS products you are:

     • Helping to provide Georgians with disabilities the dignity of a paycheck.

     • Generating increased tax revenues for the State as those individuals reduce their reliance on public assistance and become employed taxpayers.

     • Stimulating local economies as the money that you spend stays here in Georgia.

In addition, you can use your state purchasing card to purchase products.

You can also place product orders by:

  1. Mail: Georgia Enterprises, PO Box 4529, LaGrange, Georgia 30241
  2. Phone: 800-331-4807
  3. Fax: 706-883-8215
  4. E-mail: